Leonard Fournette: Injuries Lingering

So it’s been a rough few weeks now being a Fournette owner. The Jaguars Star Rookie hasn’t looked the same since sustaining an ankle injury in the 4th quarter of week 6 against the Rams. He was inactive the following week as his team traveled to what would have been a great matchup for him in the Colts, a team that even the worst of runners will have a good game against. Then of course he was on his bye in week 8, so he got to rest his ankle up some more. Now he entered week 9, 3 weeks after this injury occurred, and was made inactive because he “violated team rules”. Sounds fishy to me. I think this may have been a cover due to his ankle injury. The injury may have been more severe than what we were told originally, possibly due to them not wanting other teams to know this information for when they are coming up with a game plan against the Jags. If you recall, the injury looked pretty bad, but he was able to walk off the field on his own, so many chucked it up as a minor injury. Having folks say that because he slipped in the wet grass instead of having his foot buckle in the turf, he was able to avoid major injury. Well now we’re entering week 11, and this ankle is still a problem. Fournette didn’t look himself against the chargers last week, rushing for only 33 yards on 17 carries and 2 receptions for 13 yards. Now on Friday we learn that he is marked as questionable this week against the Browns, after limited practice this week and sitting out Fridays because of the ankle. Not to be forgotten is the fact that Fournette dealt with this last year at LSU. He sustained a high ankle sprain last year in a scrimmage game durring the pre season, allowing the emergence of then sophomore Darrius Guice. So we know his history now, and with him having another ankle injury, you can’t stop but wonder if this is going to become a major problem. This guy is leading people into the fantasy playoffs, so this injury would be devastating if it turns out to be more serious then what the public is being told. Even if he does suit up this week, though you laugh when you hear their name, the Browns have a serious run defense. Rookie Myles Garret, who was the 1st overall pick last year out of Texas A&M, has been a monster on the field. I don’t think Fournette can get it going for much this week. He has a chance to have a good game, but I can’t see his usual level of production. And now with this ankle injury still in the news, you have to start asking, especially if you’re in the playoff hunt, if it is time to start thinking about a plan B…


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