Dynasty Start-Up, Who Ya Taking?

There’s only one thing better than Fantasy Football, and that’s Dynasty Fantasy Football. All the fun of a normal re-draft league, but every decision made could be a league defining move for years to come. You picked up that rookie running back last year who was third on the depth chart for the Browns, and now he’s leading the league in yards. The kind of moves you make where you can look into your friends eyes and say, “Thats what you get for doubting my superior intelligence!” But lets not get away from the topic at hand. If you’re starting a dynasty league, that first round pick can make you or break you. You’re currently talking to a man who took Calvin Johnson with his 1st round pick in a dynasty start-up the year before he retired. I know how important this pick will be for your team. There’s a few guys out there right now that I could see being corner-stones in your franchise for years to come.


Odell Beckham Jr. WR:NYG– A cool dude with attitude. What more can be said about New York’s star wideout. OBJ is a special talent at age 25. He’s got the hands, the speed, and the football I.Q.  you look for in a number one pick. We haven’t gotten to see him much this year however after ending his season in week 5 against the Chargers with a scary ankle fracture when cornerback Casey Hayward brought him to the ground. This injury looked bad, but that’s not scaring me away from him next year. A lot of question marks loom over the New York Giants in the upcoming year. Head coach Ben McAdoo has been Ben McAdon’t, as in don’t ever try to be a head coach again. With a terrible record, currently sitting at 1-8 in the NFC East, the Giants are going to get a good player next year in the draft, and honestly I don’t think this team is as bad as the record may show. With the right running back (Saquon Barkley) this team can contend again, and Odell will be leading the way. Eli is getting old, but I can’t see them moving away from him anytime soon, and that might be good for Beckham, as they have an obvious connection. We’re not entirely sure if the Giants will pay him or let him walk, but wherever he may go in his career, he will be the best player on the field for his team. He’s ended as the 5th, 4th, and 4th wide receiver in his career since coming into the league in 2014, and remember he didn’t even play a full year as a rookie. He’s a matchup proof stud that is always on when he is healthy. 100 yard games are the norm, this is a player you can put in your lineup and not have a worry in the world.


Antonio Brown WR:PIT– Business will most defiantly be booming with AB on your team. Brown is not only one of the best wide receivers this year, but he’s the model of consistency. How many years now has this man been a top 5 pick, and actually lived up to that price. The answer, a long time. A 6th round pick coming out of Central Michigan as a return specialist, no one saw this career coming. Since 2013, he has finished as the 6th, 1st, 1st, and 3rd wide receiver in standard scoring, and he’s having another top 5 year right now. Does Big Ben not have it anymore? If you ask Ben he might question himself, but AB will be able to get it done no matter what. Another matchup proof star, his bad games are few and far apart. A great offense around him with the likes of Le’veon Bell, an unhappy Martavis Bryant, and up-incoming star JuJu Smith-Schuster make it so AB can’t be singled out by the defenses that play him. Always ready to make an explosive play, AB, even at the age of 29 and going on 30 next year, shows no signs of slowing down this historic pace. A surefire top wideout for years to come. You’ll be happy with him as your best player.


Le’veon Bell RB:PIT– From one man in black and gold to another, Lev Bell is an amazing talent. As I said before, he shares an offense with some of the top players in the league so defense have to keep honest when he’s running. The vision this man has is incredible. When you’re able to stay as patient as he is and let the holes open up, your going to have a good day. Not only is he an outstanding runner, but he brings a pass catching presence as well. Just last year, even after he only played in 12 games due to his suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy, he finished the season with 1,268 rushing yards as well as 616 through the air. A touchdown machine, he is the focal point along with Antonio Brown in the Steelers offense, and it looks as if he is having another big year as of this posting. One thing that should be noted is that running backs have a much shorter shelf life than a wide receiver does, and this can become problematic in a dynasty/keeper format. That being said, I wouldn’t worry to much about Bell, he’s a generational talent that could easily have another 4-5 years as an elite player. I think we’re passed his drug problems as well now that he’s a more mature veteran on the team. He will be a great RB for years to come if he can stay healthy and as Stephen A. Smith would say, “Stay off the weed.”


Mike Evans WR:TB– Tough to keep him here in the conversation for me. This has been a rough year for Evans down in Tampa, but I’m not sure it’s totally his fault. Famous Jameis Winston is looking like a bust this year, and the rest of the team is following in suit. Nobody has really been able to get it going this year for the Bucs. Evans is far and away the best player on this team. He’s still having a good year, but not a Mike Evans year. Unable to reach the 100 yard mark in any game so far this season, this might just be a fluke of a year. His route running and speed is amazing for a guy his size, but he gets it done most nights. His breakout year last year where he finished as the wide receiver 2 with 1,322 yards and 12 touchdowns was defining moment in his career. It boosted him up to be in the running as the best dynasty player you could own. Even with the Bucs faltering this year, nothing makes me believe he’s lost any step. I’m more worried about the team around him rather than the player alone. I could very possibly see a  bounce back year in 2018, especially if DeSean Jackson is lining up on the opposite side of the field still. He will be turning 25 just before the start of the season next year, so his prime is still ahead of him. This 2014 1st round pick out of Texas A&M has shown he’s got it in the past, so taking him in the first round of dynasty is a no brainer.


Deandre Hopkins WR:HOU– As of writing this, “Nuk” is still the number one wide receiver in the league right now. Yes, a lot of that had to do with the sensational play of Deshaun Watson, but lets not forget his 2015 season when he broke out with QB greats like Brian Hoyer, Ryan Mallet, T.J. Yates, and Brandon Weeden slinging him the ball. He’s proven he can do it with bad quarterbacks, maybe not Brock Osweiler bad, but still pretty bad. But most importantly, it looks like Hop finally found himself a QB in Watson, and it’s a shame we have to wait until next year to see this connection again. One of the toughest WR’s out there, Hopkins beats people with his strength. Not the most highly skilled, but defiantly the meanest player I have seen. He will go up and take the ball away from any defender that thought they had a shot at it. In just the short sample size of this year, Hopkins has easily found his way into the discussion of top dynasty player, with over 800 yards and 8 touchdowns in just 9 games. He will be entering his 6th season next year at the age of 26, and with Watson back and more experienced, the connection these two have may get even better. You’ll be very happy to have Hop as your dynasty corner-stone.


Honorable Mentions:

Ezekiel Elliot RB:DAl– Great young talent at only 22. One of the best O-lines in football and a very capable young QB in Prescott, Zeke will thrive for for years. How much is it Zeke and how much is it the O-line though?

Julio Jones WR:ATL– One of the best WR in the game, Julio will turn 29 before the next season. The skill set he has is unstoppable, but still he’s having a bit of a down year in the Falcons Superbowl hangover. Can Matt Ryan turn it around and get Julio back into the number one WR form that he is?

David Johnson RB:ARI– Hurt his wrist in the first game of the season, we weren’t able to see DJ have an encore from his massive 2015 season. A player who could easily be a WR if he didn’t want to run it anymore, he’s the whole package. On a bad team with QB question marks going into next season though.


All these players are 1st round talents, but this article is about who should go first. An argument could be made for any of them. RB’s don’t play as long, and that may be a problem in dynasty for you. You want a player that you know you can rely on for years to come. That player that can make you a perennial playoff team is very valuable, so getting this pick right could mean everything for the future of your team. With that being said, you need a generational talent that could go down in the history books as one of the greats. It’s a tough call but I think it’s the best.


Conclusion:  Odell Beckham Jr.




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