1st Round 2017 Redraft at the 3 Quarter Mark

The season is in its final stages. We have made it through 10 weeks and are entering the home stretch. In many leagues, people are well aware if they are trending towards the playoffs, or the toilet. If it is the toilet, taking a look back at what could have been can be therapeutic for some, so that’s exactly what I will be doing for you today. We will fill out a 12 team p.p.r. scoring league draft as if we were drafting today, so players like Zeke Elliot won’t be included, even though though they may be having good years up to this point. We’ve had our fair share of breakout campaigns, as well as many busts. With so many star players going down with injuries this year, not playing up to expectations, and all together sucking, this has been an odd year. There have also been players who have been able to resurrect their career from the dead, and are fantasy studs in 2017. Enough talking, lets get drafting…

Round 1

  1. Antonio Brown WR:PIT – While everyone was arguing over which of the three running backs to take with the first three picks, people lucked out when AB dropped to them at 4.
  2. Le’veon Bell RB:PIT – The only one of the three backs drafted with the first three picks thats still playing right now, Lev Bell just gets it done every year.
  3. Todd Gurley RB:LAR – After a big disappointment in 2016, the entire Rams offense is clicking, and their bell cow back has a lot to do with it.
  4. Leonard Fournette RB:JAX – This rookie has taken the league by storm, but are injuries starting to catch up now?
  5. Deandre Hopkins WR:HOU – Great bounce back year, just needed a QB. Too bad Watson went down, Hop would be at the top of this list if not.
  6. AJ Green WR:CIN – Another perennial top player. I could only imagine how good his stats would be if he had someone other than the red rocket Dalton throwing to him.
  7. Mark Ingram RB:NO – Heres a guy who’s resurrected his carrer. A lot of people were scared off because of Adrian Peterson, but there was nothing to worry about as we know now.
  8. Melvin Gordon RB:LAC – As long as his knees hold up, he’s a top 10 back
  9. LeSean McCoy RB:BUF – McCoy is a top back every year, his elite level is without question. He has a lot to do with the Bills success this year.
  10. Kareem Hunt RB:KC – If you just watched the first game of the year you would know he was going to be here. Are teams starting to figure out this rookie though?
  11. Alvin Kamara RB:NO – Two New Orleans running backs in the first round?! That’s how good this rookie has been.
  12. Tyreek Hill WR:KC – The Chiefs are much better than people thought they would be, and the dynamic Hill leads the passing charge.



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